What's your passion?
What's your purpose?

Life is suppose to be more!

Judy MacPherson

Judy MacPherson

Author & Speaker

An unrelenting advocate for living life to its fullest describes the life and purpose of 

published author and motivational speaker Judy MacPherson.

Her message to the world is clear!  

"Life is suppose to be more!  Stop wasting time!  Stop making excuses!  Stop blaming others!  Leap out of your comfort zone and chase those goals and dreams like your life depends on it.  Do it even if it terrifies you!  You are worthy of so much more!"  

An enthusiastic promoter of “sucking the marrow out of life”, her writing and inspirational speaking declare a powerful message to the masses.   With zero tolerance for tired, old excuses about why “it can’t be done”  her message is concise, forthright and intended for everyone who is ready to question their life choices.   

“I believe we come to this planet for more than to serve an 80 year prison sentence of lack, worry, sadness, disease and mediocre living.  Life was intended to be more than adversity and meager survival,” she shouts to a captivated audience.  

Pounded into submission by the lethargic status quo, all we once dreamt possible discipates and we find ourselves merely killing time, tolerating with distain much of what our lives have become,  unfulfilling hard work, illness and struggle!  With the exception of few, the masses lumber through life feeling hopeless, void of direction,  dreams or purpose.  Floundering about the rat race in a stress induced coma, lacking drive and desire, they surrender to mediocrity in utter defeat.  


But the question remains, “Isn’t life suppose to be more?” 

Judy belts out a message of hope, a message of healing and belief in oneself and the God-given ability to control and direct your own life.  

Cut through the denial, adjust your mental programming and you can achieve anything!

Powerhouse Speaker

Riveting Author

Engaging Facilitator